Breaking the rules

Things I’m supposed to be doing, in no particular order:

-Knitting things with the metric ass-ton of yarn I bought a few weeks ago

-Finishing any of the many projects I’ve already started

-Christmas knitting

-Eating healthy things

-Working on my paper

Things I did yesterday instead:

-Bought pastries

-Didn’t work on paper

-Bought more yarn

-Started new knitting projects
Clearly, I need a time-out.

In my defense, lookit the pretty!! I’m thinking it’s going to be a Rae.


4 thoughts on “Breaking the rules”

  1. Hi there! I’m not really sure where to leave a comment but since you posted today I figured this was worth a shot 🙂 I came across the replica Hermione red wedding dress you made and I’m in love! I need one by February- do you take orders??

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