Fun with felting

This is what my bunny slippers looked like seamed but not felted:


Things I did to my knitted bunny slippers to make them fuzzy and cute and foot-sized:

– Soaked in painfully hot water and dish soap

-Swirled around in painfully hot water

-Rubbed vigorously in painfully hot water for an hour until hands were chafing

-Stirred around in sink filled with painfully hot water with a spoon

– Dumped in pot of boiling water for fifteen minutes and stirred with fork

This is what my bunny slippers looked like after the aforementioned events:


For future reference, Lanaloft in Cottage White does not felt.

Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool in Natural, however, does.


(I totally can’t wait for it to dry so I can sew on the ears and face!)

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