Hopsalot pieces

I can’t remember what was going through my head when I decided to search bunny slippers on Ravelry, but I came across the most adorable pattern and they’ve just been sitting in my queue for ages, bleating at me to knit them. Because bunnies bleat. Yees.

Anyway, yesterday I somehow ended up at the yarn store again (no idea how that happened) looking for some yarn for a Summer Flies shawl and ended up walking out with two skeins of white wool and size 11 circulars. Again, no idea how that happened, although I suspect it had something to do with an inability to decide what color I wanted to do that shawl in.

Hopsalot ears

I worked on them for about an hour before class and about an hour after, and they’re all knitted up! Seaming was really quick as well.


I’m somewhat hoping my feet might suddenly grow an extra two inches longer and wider so these will fit because I haven’t yet grown the balls to go for my first attempt at felting anything ever.

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  1. bleatlng bunnies indeed……(scoff scoff) I don’t understand this post or rather what you have created…..help help

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