Apparently there is no such thing as “enough” yarn.

Oh, hello there!

I could start off with an excuse about how busy grad school has been and how I just haven’t had the time to post, but that would only be half true. Apparently when I bought all of that yarn I forgot to account for the fact that I would immediately start every project and ignore every other aspect of life. My mistake.

In any case, I now have tons to post and will hopefully be less of a lazy blogger. Hopefully.

In other news, my friend came to visit for the weekend and I may have dragged her along to a delightful yarn shop I discovered near my apartment. She needed some yarn for Christmas presents and I may have come up with several excuses (that I can no longer recall) for why I needed to buy more yarn.

They had a ton of Madelinetosh that I wanted to crawl in bed with, along with some gorgeous multicolored skeins of a brand I didn’t recognize (and currently can’t remember the name of). I’ve always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with yarns like that. They’ve absolutely beautiful on the skein but I never like how they look knitted because they colors mesh together and it never looks as pretty as they did before. Sad.

I came away with this:

Suri surprise

60% alpaca and 40% merino wool. I’m drooling just looking at them. I’ve started projects with both of them (seriously, it was impossible to resist. I dare you to try.) and they’re SO lovely to pet knit with.

Project photos coming up!

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