A real update!

I feel like I haven’t posted knitting photos (or any photos) in ages.

To start off, here is Georgia!


I had knitted the entire body before I realized that it was both too short and too wide (I have a really long torso and a small waist). So I started over. Luckily I’ve been moving and getting over jetlag and settling into school and whatnot so mindless stockinette has been about as complicated as I needed.

The first time around I had knit a size 36. The second time around I cast on a size 32 and then switched to 28 when putting the sleeve stitches aside. So far it’s a teeny bit tighter in the chest than I would like but it fits infinitely better than the 36 and I’m hoping blocking it will make it just a smidge looser. I also lengthened it so there are twelve buttons instead of ten.

I also finally took pictures of the Ghost Fambly duvet cover in action!

Ghost fambly duvet cover finished!

I think it turned out pretty awesome. I put an Ikea comforter in it and it’s so scrumptiously warm and delightly. I forgot to take pictures of the pearl button closures on the end of it. I think I need lace-trimmed throw pillows.

Access to a fully stocked kitchen and a fancy grocery store down the street means I’ve been cooking a bunch too! I’ve missed experimenting with recipes. Last week I made Irish stew. Yesterday I had a huge craving for these Brazilian cheese breads that Boyfriend’s grandma makes. So I read about two blog posts and six different recipes (plus the comments and reviews) and came up with something that came out pretty decent!

Cheese breads

Aren’t they cute? They’re made of tapioca flour and cheese so they’re kind of chewy and cheesey.

Anddd time to get back to knitting homework.

2 thoughts on “A real update!”

  1. Good to get a real update from you….your cheesy breads look quite intriguing…I am confused …I thought the duvet cover was AnAn’s but obviously you absconded with it..I love it!!!So cute

    I am improving here by leaps and bounds…Should be set free to go home in about a week. Can hardly wait….miss my home and my own shower etc. Walking is still quite painful but I have some good drugs that cover it pretty well…..This is not a bad place to be incarcerated as the people are very caring….two of my aids come in and give me a nite-nite kiss each

    1. Grandma! I’m so glad you’re doing better! Aww, yay for nite-nite kisses šŸ™‚

      And actually I was so tempted to elope with Anan’s duvet cover and it took so little time to make that I actually made my own! So now the Mathre seesters who don’t shower also sleep under matching duvets.

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