Nothing really that interesting.

Have I mentioned lately how much I adore Knit Picks?
Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for the day when I can afford to knit garments from yarns that cost $30 per skein. But for someone juggling expensive hobbies and graduate school, this site is pretty damn awesome.

I’ve been really good lately about finishing up projects and using up scrap yarn for new projects so I decided to treat myself.

And by treat myself I mean that I just spent $96 and bought yarn for five new projects. FIVE.

I think maybe someone needs to remind me that I did just start graduate school.

In other news, I’m almost entirely moved into my new apartment! I’ll take pictures when we’ve got things more set up. I even have an entire shelf with cubbies for yarn/knitting supplies. Scrumptious!

Knitting-wise, I’m still chugging along with Georgia. Granted, I had it all done except for the sleeves when I decided to start over. Now I’m about eight out of twelve button-holes in and then have the sleeves left. I also started a Thermis, which I haven’t made a Ravelry page on yet. I’m using the leftover pale sea-green yarn from my Peaks Island Hood.

Anddd now back to homework. I have so much reading to do it’s ridiculous. Too bad they don’t make audiobook versions of textbooks so I can knit whilst “reading.”

Sidenote: Between Christmas presents and getting used to the grad school workload, I really won’t have that much time to be doing any commission work. Also I won’t have my sewing machine with me until after Thanksgiving so I won’t physically be able to do any sewing commissions in the meantime either. I’ll update again when I’m accepting commissions again but it likely won’t be until just after the holidays.