I pricked my finger about eighty times today.

Today a package arrived from my sister, and when I dumped out the contents it looked like an army of tiny cloth ghosts.


Back story: we’ve both been drooling over fancy Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters duvet covers that we can’t seem to justify doling out $345 for and recently I came across this lovely DIY tutorial.

She doesn’t have her sewing machine with her at school so she cut out all of the squares, sewed the bunchy thing in the middle, and then mailed them to me to sew together.


It’s kind of a bitch to do but it’s coming along surprisingly quickly. I’m pretty sure this would be tons easier with some sort of quilting tabletop grid thing (my grandma is cringing to herself while she reads that) but so far pinning 60% of the surface and attacking it with a tape measure after every seam seems to work pretty well.


The finished duvet cover is going to be six squares by six squares, and each sewn square is 15″ x 15″, totalling 90″ x 90″. So far I’ve sewn two rows of six squares together.

Andd she’s agreed to make me another set of squares so I can make my own duvet cover. Seesterly sweatshopish bonding? Yee!

Somehow I’ve also managed to finish all of the body of Georgia and am currently working on one sleeve. I also cast on the back of Hermione McRainbowpants and am about to start armhole decreases, Stockholm is about 2/3 of the way done, and I’m literally about an hour away from finishing the sapphire Damask. I also cleaned out the car, stored all of my crap that I’m not bringing, and finished packing everything (I’m moving across the country on Saturday) except things like toothbrushes and the clothes I’m currently sporting.

I’m fairly certain that my days have suddenly started lasting 30 hours instead of the standard 24.

2 thoughts on “I pricked my finger about eighty times today.”

  1. LOVe love love the seester act!!!!! and I’d love to see thisclassy creation in person….wishI could see y’all before you go back east…but think it is too late now…I am getting better and will be glad to be able to go home. miss my home and my dog and husband and NORMALITY. my lovies to you and your seester!!!!!!!!!

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