Busy bee

I’ve been really lame with updating lately, I know.

To make up for it: uber post.

The past few weeks have been somewhat insane. That lovely pile of destruction in my previous post has been sorted/donated/stored and reduced to this:


(For those who might be wondering, about 1/4 of the middle sized suitcase is yarn. 😉 )

And then there was a Vegas trip! I’m pretty sure I want to live in the Bellagio.


Not in an actual hotel room or anything.


Maybe here!


Did I mention it was 110 F the entire time?

Mandalay Bay beach

I also took about a two week break from all kinds of knitting, which my fingers are now scrambling to make up for.

Behold the current projects:

First there’s Georgia. I’ve been eyeing this for ages and finally gave in. I’m using Knit Picks Stroll in Basalt heather for this and so far it’s turning out lovely. If it fits right I’m definitely knitting it again, possibly in a light green. It looks brown in the photo but it’s really more of a mousey gray with bits of magenta mixed in.


I only had two skeins of the Basalt heather (they were supposed to be socks) and this project was flying off the needles so whilst I wait for the shipment of four more skeins (on Wednesday!), I worked on my Hermione McRainbowpants v2.0 for a bit. The front is nearly done!


I’ve also been wanting a cowl for ages and finally decided that I need to have one in my life now. Meet my Stockholm scarf! I loved this pink yarn (Lion Brand Wool-Ease in blush heather, I think) when I bought it but I’m semi-debating dyeing the whole thing a deep magenta/burgundy when it’s knitted. And yes, it’s most likely because the scarf pictures on the pattern are that color and it looks absolutely scrummy.

Stockholm loop

Anddd just to change it up a bit, I started another Damask in Sapphire (also KP Stroll). I’m starting on Christmas presents early!

Sapphire Damask

Andd now back to packing. Five more days until I get to wake up at 5am and fly across the country!