I may have mentioned that I was going to be spending this weekend moving. Holy crap, it took ages.

First we had to take my bed apart and move it over to Boyfriend’s grandma’s house, take hers apart and move it out, and move mine in and set it up. Then we moved everything out of my studio and cleaned the whole thing, drove separately down to the Mum’s house half an hour away, and move stuff back in. There may have been a nap squeezed in there somewhere.

Holy crap though, it’s so nice to wake up whenever the hell I want and do nothing all day. I’ve been bonding with my Nook in the sun today and I’m already a few shades darker (YAY no more fog-dweller paleness).

Anyway, the point is, I’m about 75% done with Little Birds but I’ve been neglecting it dreadfully so I don’t really have pictures to post. But! I have time now so pictures will be coming soon. I really want to do a nice fitted cardigan but I can’t decide which. Right now I’m leaning toward the orangey Jane Richmond one that I can’t remember the name of. I also can’t wait for the pattern for the brown Ron sweater to be released. Boyfriend’s totally getting that for Christmas. I think I’m also going to try to finish those cozy booties too although 85 degree weather isn’t doing much to inspire an onpour of knitwear projects..

Fun fact: I’m going to Vegas in a week!