Harry Potter squee halp yee!

Call me a dork but I cannot for the life of me decide what to wear to see the last Harry Potter movie next week. (I bought tickets last night and have been flipflopping on what to wear ever since. How I do suffer with these dilemmas.)

Option #1 is the dress. My sister thinks I should go with this one, and I’m kind of leaning toward it just slightly. Except sitting through a two hour movie in a chiffon dress is not exactly the definition of comfort. Except it’s the last Harry Potter movie so comfort schmomfort. I once went to a Lord of the Rings premiere in a full length elf gown, complete with a velvet cape. But no one needs to know about the days when I was super cool.

Hermione red dress progress 3

But then there’s the sweater! This was the sweater that I saw in the Deathly Hallows Part 1 that made me pick up knitting! I feel like it would only be appropriate to wear it to see Part 2.

Hermione Fair Isle

And then of course there’s the Gryffindor scarf but I might drape that around Boyfriend’s neck when he’s not looking.





6 thoughts on “Harry Potter squee halp yee!”

  1. Cardi CARDI!

    I’m wearing my Hogwarts uniform. Because I’m a giant dork. I tried it on yesterday and it still fits, so I’m good to go 😀

  2. your sweater looks amazing and comfortable:) the dress looks like fun, but i’m all for the comfort:) oh, and i’m not jealous at all that we are still waiting to see the first part of the last movie 🙁

  3. What did you decide to wear? I know I’m too late, but I vote the dress!!!! Possibly with the sweater worn over it. Both are utterly gorgeous. Did you make the dress yourself?? Love love love everything. You ARE very cool. 😀

    1. Aww thanks! 🙂 I ended up going with the sweater which ended up being a bit lame because I was sobbing through the whole film and wool does not absorb tears! Haha 🙂

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