Photo Heavy

Andd here are the photos that go with the previous post.

Firstly, Waffle Socks! I highly recommend these guys. I knitted them knee-length and they’re delicious. They’re knit in DK too, so it knits up pretty quickly.

Waffle socks

Next up is Hermione Stripey McRainbowpants v2.0. I still think I’m a little bit insane for knitting each of my Hermione sweaters twice. Maybe this is an indication that I should start swatching.

Hermione Stripey McRainbowpants

Then there is Demi, which currently looks far more interesting than it does in this photo, as I’ve worked about 40 rows since taking it.


Terrible photo but here is proof that Beatnik is 99% finished!! It’s been pinned like that and drying for two days so maybe tonight I can seam the sleeves together! Yee!


2 thoughts on “Photo Heavy”

  1. i am super envious and jealous of all of your knitting! and that you have taken the time to share. i really need to get my butt in gear and do a similar post…but i just want to knit, and then i get sucked into ravelry oohing and awwing over everyone else’s stuff! 🙂 can’t wait to see beatnik seamed together and the finished demi 🙂

    1. Ooh I know what you mean. Sometimes I get lost in knitting and realize that it’s been ten days since I posted. Which is probably why I’m so behind on posting FO pages 🙂

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