Second Sock Syndrome

Kai Mei progress

Terrible photo, but yay sock!

I’m being indecisive about my Ripples n’ Waves socks. I got kind of tired of the design (and of staring at blue) so I ended one sock around calf length, but now I’m thinking it’d look much better longer. So instead of figuring what I want to do, I’ve set it aside and started Kai Mei instead.

Except I started having the same indecision. The big problem is that I greatly prefer long socks to short ones, but knee-length socks take about ten years to knit in fingering weight yarn and my queue of things to get to grows daily. (Not even joking, I went through my Ravelry queue with the intention of clearing out some stuff I knew I would never make, and somehow ended up with fifteen more projects than when I started. Whoops.)

Anyway, I’m at the end of a six day work week so I’m pooped and not making much sense. Basically I’m making short Kai Mei’s and long Ripples/Waves.

By the way, holy second sock syndrome. I kept telling myself “Nah, I’ll power through it,” but it just occurred to me that of the five pairs of socks I’ve ever knitted, one is a completed pair (Boyfriend’s birthday socks, couldn’t really just give him one..), one is still on the needles, and the other three are completed singles! Whoops..

I can’t wait to have enough pairs of socks to have a dedicated hand-knitted sock drawer! For those of you who knit your own socks, do you ever have a hard time wearing them? Right now I can’t imagine stomping around in my preciouses and getting them all dirty or messing up the pristine-ness. Does that go away??