For fun, a list!

– I’ve started plotting out Christmas pressies. I know, it’s six months away, but I realized that I’d kept making mental notes of certain knits that I wanted to make for certain people, and rather than drive myself crazy and break all of my fingers in November, I figured it would be smarter to spread them out and start ridiculously early. I made a preliminary list yesterday and already have present ideas set aside for fifteen people. Yikes.

– Have I mentioned how much I love getting things in the mail? I’m currently awaiting a laundry hamper from (my old one perished nearly six months ago and I’ve been employing a “laundry corner”, ie pile, aka huge mess), caviar and foie gras from (my year abroad in France spoiled me in a way that makes my bank account cringe), and Socks a la Carte which I’m super excited to knit from!

– I feel sort of in limbo because I don’t have a “main” project right now. I have a list of side projects but they’re all either missing some element that I need to obtain before I can continue or they’re just not what I feel like doing right now. I’m hoping the sock book and the 20% off Jo-ann’s coupon sitting in my email inbox will fix this.

– Today’s my Friday! I’m so excited to sleep in it’s unreal. I’m not really sure when 9am started to count as “sleeping in.”

– I’m contemplating getting an ereader for textbooks when I go back to school in the fall. Anyone have experience with this? Or just experience with ereaders in general? Right now I’m debating between the touchscreen editions of the Nook and the Kobo. It’s a $10 price difference but I prefer the look of the Kobo. I’m studying psychology so the majority of my textbooks will be pure text so the fact that it’s black and white shouldn’t be an issue.

-Damask is finished!! Project page coming soon!