Guess what is sitting in my backpack next to me, 99% finished save for stitching completely finished sleeves onto the body and smirking at me because I have 3 more hours until I can go home from work? Yup, that would be Aidez.

I felt like such an idiot on the subway this morning. Usually when I work on projects I’m spread out over at least 5 square yards of space and it looks like a tornado hit. This morning as I sat on the subway, I was attempting to slip stitch my finished knitting pieces together (do I mean slip stitch or am I having a brain fart?) while keeping all three pieces on my lap and not poking the people squashed up against me on either side as I pulled the plastic needle straight upwards repeatedly through the seams.

Good thing I was too tired to care, and the nice gentlemen on either side of me were passed out and didn’t notice when I accidentally flicked loose yarn bits at them.

Tonight I’m finishing this sweater*, and tomorrow I’m going to San Diego!

Hopefully somewhere in between there I’ll be able to squeeze in some photos.

*Perfect timing too, since the new yarn I ordered from Knitpicks gets here on Saturday and I’ll be officially “allowed” to start a new project!

But more on that later.