More squishy.

Damask progress

Guess what I’ve been doing all weekend? If you guessed “Sneezing into a mountain of tissues”, “lying pitifully and feverishly in bed”, or “coughing up a lung”, you were right!

Fortunately this gave me an excuse to knit like a fiend.

I love love love this yarn. It’s so squishy. And soft. And this pattern is gorgeous! And surprisingly quick. I’m already on row 23. (We’re going to ignore the part where I had to rip out 15 rows because I messed up the decreases.)

Ok, that’s all I have. Back to lying down now.


3 thoughts on “More squishy.”

  1. You forgot to add talking to your awesome friends on skype! And pining away for Sean…

    Your public needs to know these pertinent details.

  2. How compatible we are. I have been doing the exact same thing with the kleenex and feverish thing.

    Only I have wasted my time re-reading Gone With the Wind while you have been squishing more yarn.

    Lovely thing you are creating. What is this one you are working on??

    Not preparing a mother’s day banquet?

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