3 thoughts on “Weekend.”

  1. It must be soooooo much fun to have all those creations going on at once. However….it must also be frustrating. Perhaps in your next reincarnation you can come back as an optopus.

    Last night I was remembering how in love I was with San Francisco when I was young and single and working in the City. It seemed so utterly glamorous to me — full of intellectuals and talented musicians, ethnicities that were unknown to me (remember I had just left Iowa farm country where I grew up) and I so loved it! I miss it now!! There is a Vietnamese restaurant on Clement that we love, and Green Apple Books. The views looking back at the city from the Marin side. The sight of the fog rolling in through the Gate. Sourdough bread (Boudin) bought down on Fishermans’ wharf, and the Sabella’s seafood restaurant that looked out to the GG Bridge.

    Do you feel that way about it? Or does it just seem like another wonderful city to you?

    Sentimental G Diane

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