Sometimes I’m really stupid.

Little Birds in purse

I have a confession to make.

For the past week, I’ve been bringing my knitting along with me to work so that I can have something to do on the 25 minute subway trip.

And for the past week, I’ve marched over to the subway stop, all excited for pre-work happy knitting times to start the day, until I step on the subway, sit down, and decide that there are too many people who would look at me funny and that I’m just too self-conscious to pull out my knitting.

Cue 25 minutes of playing Cribbage on my phone and telling myself that card games are better than yarns anyway.

Stupid, right?

Well, today I decided to stop being stupid. I slid into an empty seat, glanced around and noticed that everyone was staring blankly into space with huge Monday bags under their eyes, and whipped out my knitting project and clicked away for 25 minutes.

Of course, this sudden burst of confidence could also be explained by the large portly man who sat next to me, essentially blocking me from everyone’s view. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Sometimes I’m really stupid.”

  1. This affords me an ideal opportunity to offer you an insight that I have found valuable in my life.

    Who gives a flying f**k what other people think of you? You have no control over it; they will think what they will think.

    You really can just ignore the general public, who are mostly nutso themselves. Sometimes I have a mental picture of the cartoon balloons over the heads of a bus full of people, all of them hoping against hope that no one notices that they (fill in the blank).

    So I say: KNIT PROUDLY.

  2. I am soooo jealous that you have an extra 25 minutes to knit. I also have a 25 minute commute to work but I have to drive. I do confess that I sneak in a row here and there at red lights. I try to knit every chance I get.

    You know that the people on the subway are jealous that they don’t know how to knit and they secretly want to ask you to teach them. I say you start a subway knitting circle and spread the love!

    Happy Knitting!

    1. Hehe that would awesome! Can you imagine stepping on a subway car to see every single person on it knitting? Then the people without knitting projects would be the ones feeling awkward.

  3. i used to feel odd about knitting in public by myself, when i first started. not so much anymore though:) we went to a bbq this past saturday, and after a few minutes, i pulled out my knitting. someone said, “seriously, you are going to knit, here?” and i said, YEP, took a sip of beer, and kept on knitting! a little while later, someone else asked what was i making, and then the conversation ended with me promising to teach that person how to knit socks if they end up living here. pretty cool stuff. and i agree with diane above:)

    1. Haha that’s a hilarious image. I kind of want to bring a project to the next bbq I go to just to see what people will say. I think I’ve finally kicked the complex and I’m so glad because I got through 9 out of 12 rows of a pattern repeat this morning! 🙂

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