Little Birds ribbing

I have a feeling this sweater is going to sneak up on me.

With my current work schedule I’m mostly brain dead by the time I get home, so when I sink onto my bed, turn on Lost, and pick up my knitting, I’m mostly zoned out. It’s only the ribbing, anyway. I stop every half hour or so just to make sure I haven’t gone over the number of rows before the next buttonhole but other than that I don’t even register most of what I’m doing.

So I was kind of surprised when I actually looked at it last night and realized I’m more than halfway finished with the ribbing. I still had that “I just started and it’s going to take forever to finish” feeling.

Now, it’s more like, “I’m almost at the birds!” -twitch twitch-

In other news, last night when I was pulling more yarn from the skein, I noticed that I was down to the middly bit where the yarn starts looking small and wrinkly. For some reason this was amusing and worth photographing.

Little Birds yarn

5 thoughts on “Wrinkly.”

  1. BTW….your knitting is so beautiful! Is AnAn knitting as well….did I read her mentioning that she had purchased some yarn??

    You button holes are cute.

    1. Aww thanks!! She mentioned to me that she had bought yarn to knit a cowl of some sort but I don’t know what happened with that project!

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