I find it entertaining that while most people’s phone galleries contain photos of pets, infants of relatives, food, kissing pictures, cocktails, and random funny signs, the majority of the pictures on my phone are snapshots of the “tools required” section of knitting patterns.

This whole knitting obsession really only started about three months ago, so my collection of needles is sadly sparse, especially since I was yoinking from my mom’s collection, which I had to leave behind when I moved out. So every time I start a new pattern I pretty much have to run to the store and grab the proper needles.

I know, I could just make a list. But then I’d get to the aisle with the needles and think, “Those can’t be right! They’re practically microscopic*! I must’ve written it down wrong.” And then I’d wish I had the pattern with me.

It’s just easier this way.

But right now there are so many little pattern snippets in my phone that it’s pretty hilarious to flip through.

Hmm maybe this is an excuse to invest in a set of nice knitting needles of varying sizes!


*Seriously, does anyone else think US size 1 needles are adorable? Especially in DPN form?

2 thoughts on “Needles”

  1. Umm….no.

    Knitting needles look soulless to me. Now…do you just adore an Olfa cutter and a mat??

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