Just thoughts today; I’m still at work.

-I can’t wait for the weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job but I’m tired of being excited all day to go home and knit, only to get home and realize I’m too tired to do anything but stare stupidly at balls of yarn. Did I mention I’m not a morning person?

-I have 67 projects in my Ravelry queue. Only about 15-20 of those are things that just looked cool but that I’ll probably never make. I’m pretty sure that when I’m forty I’ll happen to look in the mirror one day and realize that I’ve become Mrs Weasley.

-The back side of Beatnik is done! I finished it last night and couldn’t decide whether to do sleeves or the front next, so I pulled out Little Birds instead.

-For some reason the longest hour at work is always lunch. I usually get here around 9:20am and the next time I look at a clock it’s always around 10:45am. And then time flies by to about 11:50am. And somehow 11:50am until 1pm just drags. Backward?

-I’m about 99% positive I’m moving to Boston in the fall, and having grown up in California, I think the idea of living somewhere where snow is a regular part of the year (zomg seasons!) is partially fueling this knitting obsession. I have a mental list of several projects I want to finish this summer before I move over there. On that note, I wonder what it’s like knitting with wool in the summer time.

-I get paid in ten days. OHAI knitpicks!

2 thoughts on “Jumble.”

  1. People who live with four distinct seasons tend to sew in the summer and knit in the winter. For the obvious reasons. Make sense?

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