Internet woes.

Hermione Cable/Lace hat

Having crappy internet is quite possibly one of the most annoying things ever.

If you’re out in the woods somewhere escaping civilization, then it’s pretty much assured that you have chosen to distance yourself from your addiction to the interwebs and that there is no hope of connecting anyway. But if you’re at your new apartment trying to post a picture of the gorgey cable/eyelet lace hat you’ve been working on and the ratio of time you’ve spent waiting for pages to load to time you’ve spent actually perusing page content is 4:1, chances are after several hours of contorting yourself into strange sitting positions in all odd corners of your room hoping to get your laptop within range, you’ll end up wanting to claw your eyes out in a rather violent way.

In related news, I should probably call my landlady tomorrow and figure out what’s up with the internet.