Button shopping at 11:36pm presents a problem.

I really want to go button shopping right now. Why don’t 24 hour craft stores exist??

In other news, my Hermione Fair Isle cardigan is done!

Hermione Fair Isle sweater

Well, except for the buttons.

I also started my other re-do project while I was working on this one just to have something to switch to when the eighty million rows of reverse stockinette became too tedious. This photo was actually taken about twenty rows ago, but it’s Hermione’s cable/eyelet lace hat from the Half-blood Prince.

Hermione's cabled hat

In yet more news, I’m moving into my new place this weekend! I’m moving to my very own ginormous studio with a kitchen and my own bathroom but I think what I’m most excited about is the huge squishy armchair that I’m going to curl up on to knit for hours when I have spare time. Squee!

I have a desire to learn to spin my own yarn that is bordering on obsessive. I bought a drop spindle a few years ago but either I didn’t give it enough time to learn the proper technique or I just bought a crappy spindle because nothing really came of it and I have a bunch of roving sitting in a box looking fluffily sad. I might have to bust that out when I finally unpack all of my boxes. What would make me die of squee’s is an actual spinning wheel, but I don’t exactly have $400 burning a hole in my pocket. I am considering building my own though.