No, really. I need more hands.

I don’t seem to be capable of sticking to only one project at a time anymore.

First there’s the pink dress. I got this far all well and good but then when I sewed the pieces together, it just kind of refused to behave, so we’re officially on a break. Then there’s the Gryffindor scarf. I’m on the ninth repeat of the big scarlet stripe and when it’s finished I’ll have to decide if it’s long enough. I think it should be, but it’s a really wide scarf and it might look funny if it’s not extra long as well.

Hermione christmas party dress Gryffindor scarf

I would have finished this already by now if I hadn’t gotten bored with the endless knit/purl repetition and started Hermione’s Fair Isle scarf, which I have been drooling over since I found a lovely pattern for it. The yarn I’m using is too thick, but the colors are exactly what I was looking for. I guess we’ll see how it turns out.

Hermione's Fair Isle scarf

But then even Fair Isle got boring, so I pored through my folder of saved pattern PDFs and decided to make a pair of mittens. These are so adorable they make me want to weep a little. I’m not crazy about the color, since I’m using the leftover marigold yarn from Gryffindor scarf, but I think the owl makes up for it, especially if I can find some really cute buttons to use for the eyes. Plus it’s knitting up so fast that I can easily go out and get a nicer shade to remake them without feeling like I’ve wasted much time. Or maybe I’ll send them to my sister, as orange is totally her color 😉

2011-02-20_14-34-22_164 Owl mitten (back)

I wrote all of this three days ago and then had to save it as a draft because I could not for the life of me get my photos to upload to Flickr. I ended up having to put them on my phone and upload it from there. No idea why. And in the meantime, I started a new project with the leftover gray yarn from my gray stripey Hermione sweater. Meet my first attempt at something resembling lace.

Springtime bandit scarf

So basically the moral of the story is that I can’t wait for my yarns to get here tomorrow. -_-