Hello New York


This hat is an ego boost. It took me less than a day to finish it, I used up some leftover scrap yarn that was just going to sit in a pile anyway, and it’s slouchy and lovely. The pattern is called Hello New York and it’s really quite simple.

I actually changed it up a bit because I was running out of the pale peach colored yarn (leftover from my Hermione gloves) and I didn’t feel like I should be running out to buy more of something I was just trying to use up in the first place. Instead of repeating the six peach rows and two pink rows five times before starting to decrease, I did it four times, started the decrease, and ended up with two rows of pink at the very top. I also used worsted weight yarn (doubled) instead of DK weight yarn anyway like the pattern calls for so it would have ended up ginormous if I’d kept going with the extra pattern repeat.

It also made me feel less of a failure as I worked on my first sock ever, which I keep alternating between worrying that it’s going to end up far too huge or that blocking it is going to be entirely ineffective and it’s just going to be lumpy.




I’m totally in love with the pattern though. And the reindeer.