Christmas in France.

It’s my last full day in France! I’m going to peel myself out of bed at some point and head to town for some shopping for chocolates and whatnot for people back home. Tomorrow afternoon I’m off to London again and I’ll be there for a week before going back home.

Not gonna lie, I miss my sewing machine. I saw Deathly Hallows twice before leaving and I am absolutely irrevocably obsessed with Hermione’s entire wardrobe. In fact right before I left I decided that I just HAD to have her fingerless mittens so I did a lot of searching online and found this lovely site called Freshisle Fibers where I bought the pattern. Sadly my first attempt came out too small so I have to retry it when I get home.

Here’s the first attempt anyway:

As soon as I get back and get settled in I have a few projects already lined up. I’m definitely going to be looking into Hermione’s red dress. It’s too gorgeous not to make. I’ve already found some lovely hi-res photos and have been taking mental notes on construction. Then of course there’s that lovely blue/gray-toned Fair Isle hoodie cardigan. I’ve been wanting to master Fair Isle knitting for ages and I think I’ll get myself acquainted with it by making Hermione’s Fair Isle scarf from the Half Blood Prince and go from there. Yay knitting!