New camera squees!

I’d been eyeing the new Casio Exilim for ages and finally caved and ordered it on Saturday. This morning I woke up, stumbled out of my room, and there it was waiting for me outside my door.

Anyway, the point is I can take decent pictures of costumes now. Huzzah!

This is how far I’ve gotten with the ES wedding dress. The dress itself is mostly done, other than some lace that needs to be attached and I still have to hem the top of the upper skirt attachment. All that’s left is about three and a half butt-loads of gold leafy/straw embroidery. I have the pattern scaled and printed out, I just need to figure out where it goes.

As for my Halloween costume, I’ll have to post pictures of my almost-finished Snow White costume later. Squee for successfully gusseted sleeves!